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Updated 01 June 2020

Next update due 15 June 2020

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Imperial Inn V.I.P. BONUS Cards

At the Inn we always provide great value; become a 'VIP', pre-pay and save...save plenty...get up to 30% bonus purchasing power.

That's right 30% !

Here's how it works

If you're into the concept of a BONUS, and who isn't; check it out and get one of these cards next time you visit.

They don't expire and having been in this business 13 years and experienced SARS, MERS, GFC, COVID19; so we're not going anywhere!


Cold glass, cold beer, clean glass, clean lines, fresh beer, right pressure, correct pour.

Now that's the way a beer should be. Top it off with great, attentive, western style service and it's as good as it gets!

...and a great deal for our VIP's.

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  • Summer Special

  • Beer Drinkers Special

  • Happy Hour


    During Summer 2020

    Join us for "Beers of the Month"

    Plus others , and

    "Six Shot Specials"

    All Day RMB 188 for 6 shots of Jager

    All Day RMB 128 for 6 shots of Silver Tequila

    All Day RMB 150 for 6 shots of Baby Guinness

    All 7 Days a Week